The Christmas Dragon

She thought she’d escaped the mayhem of the magical world. Then a baby dragon arrived on her doorstep.

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The box jumped.

Boxes are not supposed to jump. It’s a law somewhere, I think. Maybe Guyana. Apparently not in New Hampshire, because the box kept jumping.

All Katie Lin wants is to get away from the magic, mayhem, and the never-ending war of her family. Unfortunately, someone has other ideas, and sends her a box. A box that jumps.

The tiny fire hazard inside sends her right into the path of a dragon war, the Crow King, and a reluctant elf prince, forcing her to admit that sometimes, running away doesn’t work as planned.


★★★★★ [T]his hors d'oeuvre was a tasty snack that left !e hungry for more.


★★★★★ A quick read with imaginative writing that will give you a good chuckle, but be warned. You will probably want more. But we have only been given a taste of what's to come.


★★★★★ I loved this book. It reminded me of Stardust in the way it combined modern-day humor with fairy-tale adventures. That said, Reid has a distinctive voice; although the genre is in keeping with Gaiman's writings, the world is fresh and new. Reid's style is extremely engaging, and her characters are fantastic. Highly recommended!