A dark short story following no one – that is, no major characters, nor even anyone we see again in this universe. If you ever wondered what happens to ordinary folk while heroes are off doing great things, this tale may answer that question.

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Why didn’t she leave?

Here we are at the end of all things, her and me—my sister, who didn’t take the only way out, and me, who never earned it. We sit together and watch the world die as the last of its life slips away.

Have some science.

  • The “space-walls” are actually photovoltaic electrolyzers, built around small communities in an attempt to coax oxygen and energy from sunlight. “Photovaltaic electrolyzer” does not slide off the tongue, so people generally call them space-walls because they reach so high into the atmosphere.
  • As for how they’re built, the plans for space elevators were scrapped in the wake of the understanding of just how little time was left, and all that technological development turned toward these space-walls.
  • At the end of the world, these space-walls bought a few extra years of life for human-kind. In fact, Iskinder and his son live inside one such compound in The Twins.
  • The involvement of the Fey and the other Seven Peoples (that’s a wiki link) is a story for another time.