How to Send Files to Your Kindle

Hi there! Here is the info from Amazon on how to do this, but I thought I’d try my hand at simplifying it for you.

Sending a file to your Kindle is essentially just emailing it to your Kindle address, but the FIRST time you do it, it can be a little complicated.

The thing to remember is the initial setup only needs to be done ONCE. After that, all you will ever have to do is email a MOBI file to yourself.

Here’s how to set it up, with screenshots:

1. Head to Amazon’s “manage my Kindle” page and sign in

2. Click on YOUR DEVICES

You should see your Kindle or any apps you’ve installed there. Click on the little menu-button for your device (phone, PC app, or actual Kindle).

3. You should see here your Kindle email address. It will end in

Copy that email address! We’ll be getting back to that in a minute.

4. Now click the “Settings” tab.

I know there’s a lot on this page, but you only need to worry about one thing. Scroll to the BOTTOM of the page, down to where it says, “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”

See the link that says, “Add a new approved e-mail address?” Click on that.

In the box that pops up, put your PERSONAL email address and click okay.

And now all the crazy setup is done! You will never have to do it again.

Now, remember that send-to-kindle email address? (The one that ends in All you have to from now on is email your Kindle books to that address as attachments.

In other words, go to your email program (Gmail, Outlook, or whatever you use) and create a new email going to your Kindle email address Attach the MOBI file, just like sending a picture or a document. Send it. That’s all!

In about an hour (sometimes Amazon’s system is slow), your book will be on your Kindle, ready to read.

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, please let me know!