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It’s writing-links time! First off, an amazing post about what it takes to stay in publishing for the long haul, by agent Rachelle Gardner. Then, some thought-provoking observations on what the most highly-paid authors have in common, by The Creative Penn (Joanna Penn). Not that we’re in this for the money or anything. 😉

Next, a few good tips on how to write an effective author bio (by author Roni Loren),  followed by some of the BEST examples you will EVER see of an excellent query letter, by former-agent-now-author Nathan Bransford. On top of that, the top ten pitfalls for writers to avoid (via Claudia Del Balso), a series on the writer’s seven deadly sins (Angela Ackerman, the Bookshelf Muse), and the list of things to check when revising your book (Kathy Temean of SCBWI).

The scary link goes all by itself: signs of bad agents (shudder), by agent Wendy Lawton.

Writing no-no’s from terrific author Georgia McBride, five tips for writers from Sasha White (I especially love DON’T WAIT FOR INSPIRATION), and the very wise tip to keep track of your characters, from Irene Watson.

Brains all full yet? No? Then enjoy this: Avatar, the Last Airbender… done Facebook style. Enjoy! 😀

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  1. Ruthanne,

    After palying around with sending you and e-mail, I came back here to see if I could give sending a comment and I was successful in getting something in the boxes. Thank you for mentioning my post on revisions and the link. Enjoyed the other things you posted. Tomorrow, I am posting an article on writing action scenes. Take a look if that is anything you could use in your writing.

    I see you are in New England. We have a lot of people from that area come down for the New Jersey SCBWI June Conference. I have info up on last Thursday’s posting. It would be great to have you join us.


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