Neil Gaiman's Rules for Writing (Rule three)

Neil Gaiman’s Writing Rules (In Wallpaper Form)

It’s my pleasure to offer you these writing wallpapers based on Neil Gaiman’s rules of writing. May these encourage your creativity, whatever else you do. Enjoy!

To download, right-click and “save as.”

Neil Gaiman's Rules for Writing (Rule eight part two)

Need a different size? Just ask me!

1 thought on “Neil Gaiman’s Writing Rules (In Wallpaper Form)”

  1. Louis Wilberger

    Any thoughts, just between you and me on the writer’s group. I like your style and the feedback is invaluable. I don’t detect much participation. Maybe 4 or 5. Love your website and You’ll find old Bob Cratchit on my facebook page (Taken about a thousand years ago.)

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