Notte’s Letter

Notte’s Letter

The following is the letter Notte left on Grey’s dashboard in the beginning of Strings.

Grey, unfortunately, never got to read it, but we can. Let’s just say I know the author.

My dear friend John,

The time has come for change and surprises in both our lives. I do not write this to incur fear on your part, of course, yet I feel that this particular situation requires blunt honesty moreso than even the most precise subtlety.

My friend, please keep this to yourself: I fear I see, far down the road, an end to my long life. It will not be immediate, but—if you will pardon an absurd joke—the wind has changed, and with it, so has my view.

I will not live forever. I have always known this, though you, being so young, may not have reached this conclusion apart from the purely philosophical. It is time for this realization to become practical to us both, not merely myself, and here is the reason why: I wish to leave with you the story of my legacy, of my long, long life, and how I came to be.

It is not my intent to upset you, though I presume—perhaps boldly—that this missive may have. I wish to see you soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, if you would be amenable to such a visit.

Please, friend. There are very few I would trust with such knowledge as I intend to impart, and among those friends, only you did not know me during some of the tumultuous days I wish to recall. Those who knew me will doubtless have their own ideas about what happened, but this is not their story. This is mine, and as you are young (which I say without intended offense), you will hear my words as coming from me, without some presumptive experience on your part.

Ah, but I have made this letter too long. I shall close.

My friend, I know I ask too much of you. All that I can do is give my word that I shall make any effort on your part—should you agree—more than worth your while.

I look forward to your reply tomorrow.

With many thanks:
Your humble and affectionate friend,



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