Personal Update: Surgery Time

Fingers crossed, knees bent, hopes raised, and prayers raised: it’s the final countdown, and my heart is firmly lodged in my throat.

As many of you know, we’ve been struggling with mad sickness for two years. Husband has had heart attack symptoms, autoimmune symptoms, cancer symptoms – just about every terrifying thing that can happen to a man has seemed to happen to him. But every time we ended up in the ER or the hospital, doctors were baffled; all the symptoms were there for numerous diseases, but when tested, he came up negative for everything.

I’ve been watching him slowly die for two years, and no one could do anything.

The folks at the Mayo Clinic finally figured it out: it seems the culprit is actually chronic pain.

My husband Duane was run over by an SUV in 2001. He’s been in constant pain since that November day, without a single break, and it turns out that when the human body goes through chronic pain, it starts to flip out. It’s essentially short-circuiting.

Fast forward. We’ve had exploratory surgery. We’ve lived through a 98% chance of amputation. We’ve had a legitimate miracle. And now, they’re going to try to replace his knee (and all the torn, damaged, and otherwise destroyed tendons) in an attempt to address all these problems.

Tomorrow is the last pre-op surgery appointment. On the 3rd, he goes in.

I won’t pretend I’m okay. We don’t know if it will work. We don’t know the health of the bones, so we can’t guarantee they’ll even be able to do the replacement. Most importantly, we don’t know if this will for sure fix the health problems that have plagued him for two years.

Fingers crossed, knees bent, hopes raised, and prayers raised: it’s the final countdown, and my heart is firmly lodged in my throat.

By Ruthanne Reid

Ruthanne Reid is one of those pesky fanfiction authors who made good, and thus eschews most labels. Except for being a Generation X-er (or maybe Xennial, according to some guy’s webpage), a musician who loves music but also carries a ton of baggage about it, a self-taught graphic artist who designs her own covers, a spoonie who wrestles Fibromyalgia not unlike yon Hercules and the Nemean lion, a Christian who hesitates to use the word because too many of them are crazy but Jesus is pretty great, a rabid shipper who’s too smart to lay out precisely which ships because of the wars, and an avid reader when she isn’t busy caretaking for some pretty ill folks.

You know. Unlabelable.

Currently a resident of Long Island City and a loving mommy to one current cat and numerous future ones, Ruthanne is happily married to a fellow geek who loves good stories and great games as much as she does. Between the two of them, they own a lot of things that need to be plugged in.

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