Keep Going

I won’t make this a long post. I have a feeling fewer words are better today.

I Know Things Are Bad

I’m aware of politics. Of economy. Of starving polar bears and the incredible harm we’ve done to this world. Of health care, immigration, gun rights, murdered children.

I’m aware of personal struggles. I deal with chronic pain. My husband spent nearly more than a decade so ill that the doctors and I were sure he was going to die. I’ve been pregnant eight times and lost all eight children. I’ve been sexually abused. My mom is dead and Christmas is hard without her.

I get it. You know what? Life often sucks, and sucks hard.

So Why Even Try For Positive?

Two reasons.

One: Because it’s not about us.

Has anyone in your life ever inspired you? Anyone stepped forward when it was hard, kept going when it was impossible, refused to lie down and let the bad guys win?

YES, this counts if you’ve only read it in a book or seen it on a screen. Heroes are rare, and we don’t all know them personally – but they’re still real.

Those moments when things mattered again to you – when you found that because someone else kept going, so could you – those moments are one of the major reasons we continue on.

Why does that matter? Because the enemy – whether they be politicians, hateful employers, or abusive relatives – live out the opposite, and you reap the sorrow. Not caring about others makes people evil. Let’s not go down that path. It may be easier, but it’s never worth your soul.

Two: Because no night lasts forever.

It’s true there’s no guarantee you will make it through to better times.

There is also no guarantee that you WON’T make it through.

How many times have stories affected you? Real ones like “It gets better,” or the survival and hope of Holocaust victims, or even just the courage of those who got out of  abusive situations with or without help. Not-real ones like SPEAK or HARRY POTTER. The stories of suffering and pain like and unlike yours… survived.

Gotten past.

Lived through.

Not everyone makes it to the other side, but you have a good chance of being a survivor if you keep going.

Yes, You Are Worth It

This isn’t something I can convince you of, though if I could, I’d put everything I had into it.

  • You are worth the fight.
  • You are worth the scars.
  • You are worth the terrible, painful process.
  • You are worth making it through to the other side.

No matter how dark it gets during these years, don’t give in. Don’t give up.

I’m not. Let’s crawl across that finish-line together.

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