The Doubting Writer’s Manifesto

For all of us who must deal with poisonous doubts spewing from our abused subconscious, I present the Doubting Writer’s Manifesto.

I will put pen to paper today, even if I only write one sentence.

I will not judge that sentence. I will let it sit and breathe – after all, it had to run the gauntlet of my thoughts.

I will not assume I am a bad writer. I will assume my writing can improve.

I will remember the good things people have said about my writing – not empty compliments, but how it made them feel, and how it gave them the experience I wanted them to have.

I will face the bad things people have said about my writing. If the criticism can be addressed by study or experience, then I will accept it, study how to write, and write more until I get better. If the criticism cannot be addressed by study or experience, then I will push it aside, because it’s not constructive at all.

I will not wait until tomorrow to write. I will NOT CARE if what I write today sucks. The more I write, the less it will suck – that’s how this works.

Bad thought-habits are hard to break. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with them. I will not give up.

I will fight.

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