Because Life

My mom passed away in 2012, and today is her birthday. Here is how I handled it.

Putting Two and Two Together

One day, my uterus decided I had to die, and it nearly bled me to death.

The hysterectomy  was sad but necessary; it meant I could never have children, but it also meant I’m alive. As an added bonus, my hair and nails are growing again.

When I went anemic from blood-loss, they just stopped. That messed me up a little. I refused to cut my hair beyond the most basic trim for two years.

Today is my late mom’s 66th birthday. I miss her A LOT, but today isn’t supposed to be sad. Nope: today, I will remember her with joy.

This is a choice.

Today, I will not mourn. I will not nope. Instead, I will cut my hair because life.

I Did The Thing

I present to you before and after, completely unvarnished, unmade-up, just as I am. And boy, oh, boy – I look a lot like her.

I love you, mom. I’ll see you later.

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