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RIP Jane Brooks

This particular period of care-taking was the most brutal thing I’ve ever been through in my life.

Grey the Unseelie Prince

Hear Grey LIVE!

Grey has been brought to life in an amazing live read from the UK!

Beloved, Notte by Ruthanne Reid

The City of Az’Kabek

It sounds like exaggeration, does it not? I was there, and it is still difficult to credit.

My Sugar Detox

I’m doing a life-change in my ongoing battle with chronic pain. And it’s working.


It is my great pleasure to introduce you to my latest tale, FOR DAWS TO PECK AT. Get it free via the newsletter, or pick it up at Amazon!

WIP: Boy, Is She Persistent

She guided me – taught me, which by design should not have been possible – to never kill children, to avoid the unwisdom of well-armed cities. She
taught me, friend, to stop before my prey would die.

WIP: Notte Finds Peace

I had discovered a state of existence other than hunger, and I wanted more. Tranquility spins a siren-song of its own.

WIP: For Daws to Peck At

They did not grow old. They never knew illness. They could be injured, but they healed, and they never simply lingered. All this was why Jonathan made no sense.

WIP: For Daws to Peck At

Just a sample from a new story I’m working on. (Context? What’s that?) This was amazing food. All of it was amazing food, Gordon Ramsay worthy, and she had to remind herself not to swallow just in case she hadn’t caught the bad things. There were a lot of bad things. It wasn’t every other …

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