Writing Links Roundup

Not a lot of time to post today! I’m working on my trunk novel, tweaking websites for various awesome authors, and preparing for the Big Family Meeting at the end of September. Grandma’s memorial service is going to be a rough time, emotionally. We’re going to Lake Carmel, which her husband built (my grandfather was one of “the Smadbeck Brothers”), and where her heart really was.

Boy, do I miss that lady. You can read more about her here.

And now that the maudlin part is out of the way…

From Jay Lake: Fantastic author Carrie Vaughn talks about why word count doesn’t matter, and also 25 things you should know about queries, synopses, and treatment. Highly useful, and once again, guilt-reducing.

A fantastic post from agent Kristin Nelson on important factors to keep in mind when searching for an agent – from the POV of an author who just had to switch hers. *shudders* I can’t imagine doing that. More power to those who must.

Did you know reading fiction increases empathy with one’s fellow human beings? Really. It does.

From author Holly Lisle, some fantastic resources for those considering self-publishing. There be gems here.

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