Treasure the Little Moments

So here’s a weird thing to consider: treasure the little moments with your loved ones, because you never know.

My husband’s been ill, as I’ve mentioned before. The folks at the Mayo Clinic are awesome, but they don’t know what he has.¬†They’re taking him to surgery (long story) soon, and the risks are pretty awful.

So this Christmas, we’re going all out.

Fancy tree. Full-out mad decorations. Why? Because we don’t know if we’ll get another one.

And it really hit me: why haven’t we done this every year? Why would we assume – even unconsciously – that we’d get another Christmas?

It just struck me as incredibly foolish, you know? We should treat every day, every moment, as precious. Because you never know.

Anyway. Here’s the tree. We’re pretty durned pleased with it.

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