The Great Rewrite

So I am working like mad on the rewrite of Kingmaker. To say it is not going as planned is a little like saying, “oh hey, that USSR thing? Maybe didn’t quite proceed the way we thought it would.”

The plot hasn’t changed. That’s the crazy part. It’s like stepping stones through a river – those footholds are the same, have been, and they’re very secure… if I can get to them. It’s the river all around them that’s experienced mutation.

Extreme mutation. Good mutation! X-Men powers mutation.

Expansion of plot points, development of good characters (and discarding of not so good ones), further exploration into my protagonist’s head – this is all great stuff. The problem is, instead of this being a simple edit (haha, “simple edit” – that’s a terrific punchline), this is basically becoming a complete rewrite from scratch.

Oh. What. Have. I. Done.

Beta reader assures me things are going well, and this is good. Gut instinct assures me of this too, and so does critical!brain. But boy, oh boy. I can’t wait to go from this –

To this:


In the meantime, I’m trying not to go crazy, and am barely online, and here are some links to more interesting things for you to read.

Have You Done Your Homework?

Author Debra L. Schubert’s post, “Have You Done Your Homework,” is a wonderfully handy list of resources for potential writers. Literary agent Jessica Faust writes helpful post on the mistakes in queries that make her stop reading. From the Guide to Literary Agents comes an incredibly helpful series on Successful Queries (SO¬†worth the read).

Feelings of failure? You’re not alone.

Author Jody Hedlund shares her struggle with feelings of failure. YA author Libba Bray (if you haven’t read Going Bovine, you must correct this error) describes her funny, heart-rending, and wild love-affair with writing a novel from start to publication, and YA author Justine Larbalestier (Liar, anyone?) talks about the stress of bad writing days.

And now, because all of that was very serious, have some funny. Querypolitan: a magazine for writers just like you and me. Oh, this is hilarious. Oh, oh, oh, you must go look. Slushpile Hell – haaaa! What not to do, in spades.

That’s all for now. I must get back to The Great Rewrite. Kingmaker, here I come.

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