Poorly Played, Sony

Please understand that I LOVE this laptop. It has always done everything I asked of it, and that’s why this particular problem is so disturbing.

First, the hard drive died, giving me “NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND” errors.


Second, the touchscreen died, making the cursor “stick” in the middle of the screen, inside a weird little square.

I reset the laptop completely. We wiped everything and took it back to factory settings. Nada, did not fix it. SO…

Brought it into the Sony Store to fix. They acknowledged it was not a software issue and sent it in for repair.

I just got it back, two weeks later… with a note saying they restored it to factory settings. What?

Um. I did that. It doesn’t work. And NOTHING was repaired.

I’m deeply disappointed that Sony would actually return a broken computer to me, claiming it was fixed. I really love my Vaio, and I have to trust that Sony will make it right this time around – and more importantly, ferret out the faulty process they employ that allows them to ship broken laptops to faithful customers.

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