On the Road Again

Hello, LiveJournal. I’ve missed you.

Things have been a little crazy. I’ve moved three thousand miles. I’ve realized I cannot have children (though adoption is definitely on the list). I’ve gained and lost weight. Celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary. Opened a successful web design business for authors and artists. Learned that I can cook after all. Discovered my limits, tried to cross them, and sometimes succeeded. Grown a few prickly, much-needed boundaries.

I’ve lost a friend and a grandmother to death within weeks of each other.  I’ve gained new friends – both in NH and in WA, closer than I thought I could have.

It’s definitely time to get back into life and community. Thus! *waves at the world*

By the way, I don’t have an agent yet, but I’m much closer. Three full manuscript requests this time around tells me I’m nearly there.

I’ll try to reply to everybody’s journals in the next few days, but if I forget, feel free to stop by and say hi.

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