Mab is Dead (and other updates)

I am one happy lady. Guardian Alex Kingmaker Mab is Dead is done, rewritten, and shipped out to beta readers. Again.

This is the novel that will not die.

Behold the (2nd) new query (and please please please comment!):

Until twelve year old Alex grew wings, he had no idea magic existed. But it does – worlds of it, separated from ours by the thinnest of walls, which Alex tears through accidentally when he uses his new wings to escape the isolated brothel in which he was born.

The magic users – called the mythos – will kill to preserve their secrecy, and they’re especially panicky right now because of new and hard-to-fool technology like satellite imagery and traffic light cameras. Stepping on over-sensitive toes isn’t all Alex has to worry about. His wings come with strange new instinc

ts, impelling him to protect those in danger, and he’s just imprinted on a biggie: the king of the Unseelie court, a long-eared elf with lots of problems. Someone is stealing magic from the fey, leaving them vulnerable to attack, and they’ve drawn the attention of a nightmare-army that espouses “merciful” death – and is planning full-fey genocide.

What does Alex have to do with any of this? Well, he caught the magic thief: Queen Mab, dead for a thousand years and throwing a tantrum beyond the grave. If Alex can protect the king, pacify the dead queen, and keep from letting anyone know he was raised by humans, he might live to see his next birthday.

So what’s next, now that this several-month project is finished? Well, I want to lose some weight. I’m struggling with financial concerns (we might have to move AUGH). I have other books to write. And then, there’s the little hobby I’ve started doing more and more: design.

I LOVE web design. It relaxes me. I did the design for fantasy/romance artist Celine Chapus, who’s currently selling at ComicCon.

I also did it for J. M. Frey,  actress and author and brilliant pop-culture scholar, whose book is coming out in 2011.

I also did the design for Marsh of MarshPants.Com, where she sells fantastically sexy clothes designed for ball-joint dolls.

It was during the ongoing redesign of historical thriller novelist Gigi Vernon’s website that it finally hit me: I really love to do this. I really love to make my fellow creators look GOOD.

So here’s the deal.

From now on, I’m offering my services for simple site design. I use the Thesis Theme and WordPress to design sites that look great and have a very user-friendly backend. If you can write an email, you can maintain your site’s content, images, videos, and more.

Do you need a site that’s quick, inexpensive, and eminently upgradable? Hit me up. My services are affordable – usually under $250 – and I guarantee I will work at it until you’re pleased.

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