Layout Mania

Oooh, this one’s PRETTY – it’s that “refried paper” setting, whatever THAT means. Okay, now HERE’S a question – how do people set up those extra pages on this thing? *starts tweaking to figure it out*

*notes that getting replies to her messages is only addicting her more* *oh, woe is meeee….er, heeeeer….*

13 thoughts on “Layout Mania”

  1. Ohhhhhhh! You mean lj cuts! I can help you with those!

    To make that happen, you use the following code: < lj-cut text="whatever you want it to show up as on the main page" > whatever you're putting in it < /lj-cut > Sans the spaces, of course.

  2. No problem. ^____^

    You're fun, though, you realize that? Just because you're so enthusiastic about this. It's cool. ^^

  3. Eek! Thank you. ^_^;; Saaa, I am SUCH a computer geek. ๐Ÿ˜€

    *eyes it* One more question – any way I can add extra links up there? Or am I stuck with the default?

  4. You're welcome. And you're a fun computer geek, which is what matters. ;-P

    Extra links like on your layout? Well, I think you'd have to have a custom layout for that, and to be able to make one of those, you have to have a paid account…. ^^;;;;

  5. Saaa, okay. Hooo boy – me being addicted is a BAD thing. *refuses to pay refuses to pay refuses to pay – *

    chibime: TOY.

    …shut up.

  6. Was it that obvious? *hopeful smile*

    Bleh. I'm going swimming, man. OCEAN! YATTA! (which rhymes with "water" if you use certain accents from the east coast. Heh heh. *is easily amused*)

  7. I'd have to say yes. ;-P

    The ocean is fun. ^^ Though I've never liked swimming in it, as it tastes icky. But wading is cool, and so is walking up and down the beach.

  8. Oh, quite, quite. ^__^ Of course, I'm a weirdo and I like to sort of slam into the waves. And let them carry me away. Because… I'm a weirdo. Is that circular reasoning? ~_^

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