Hard Work is Hard

What an odd day this has been.

Duane’s first day on the job, number one, which is fantastic.

I woke up to find my site hacked, which was less than fantastic.

It is repaired, happily.

There’s been no time to write yet. I’ve been working on this instead:

Mess in the process of being un-messed on Twitpic

Forgive the pic quality; I’m not doing anything fancier than cell-phone pics today. 🙂

To be fair, that mess is considerably better than when I started. Of course, I haven’t even started on these yet:

Boxes yet to be opened. *groan* on Twitpic

Those are waiting until tomorrow. Now, I go to edit. Onward! Forward! To battle! (And if anyone gets that reference, I will give them COOKIES.)

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