Congratulations, Celine Chapus!

Chibi Aakesh by Celine Chapus
chibi Aakesh

That may just be the cutest Aakesh I’ve seen (so far). I love his wee round body and his tiny toes and his VERY SERIOUS expression – not to mention the way motherwater responds to him, and the way his hair seems to be reaching back.

This is just awesome work, and it tickled me pink to receive it. Celine Chapus can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, and is RIGHT NOW showing at Orycon in Portland, OR.

This Aakesh is delightful. Well-done, Celine!

By the way, this contest is not completely over.

This was so successful that I’m going to offer the same prize every couple of months.

All you have to do is draw a cute version of characters from The Sundered. The next for-sure winner for fanart will be announced Februrary 1st, 2013.

(Boy, it feels weird typing 2013.)

Note: I absolutely will allow re-submissions, so if you don’t make it for one round of the contest, you can send your art in for the next one.

I love creativity. I want to encourage creativity – and I will gladly do that with moolah when necessary. 🙂 The prize: a $75 dollar gift card to the store of your choice (assuming I can order it online), and publicity, which is fun. So draw what you can, and contact me at this link to learn how to send me your submissions. You’ll automatically be entered into the competition for Februrary Fanart.

You all rule.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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