Congratulations, 100-Review-Party Winners!

And we have winners! (Rafflecopter makes this super-easy, by the way. I highly suggest you use it if you ever have the need!)

For the ARC of Kalimpura, signed by Jay Lake: Cameron Martin!

For The Near Witch, signed by Victoria Schwab: Becky Watkins!

For the bookplate from When the Hero Comes Home, autographed by LOTS OF PEOPLE: Mary Preston!

For the signed copy of When the Villain Comes Home, autographed by JM Frey: Philip Fiorucci!

For the book plate from the Théâtre Illuminata, autographed by author Lisa Mantchev: April Spencer!

Congratulations to everyone who entered. Thanks so much for playing, and I hope you enjoyed the mild suspense. 😉 Expect future contests!


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