Confidence is Playing a Concert For One

“A Concert For One” = This is a post to say “thank you.”

Tell me if you’ve ever had this experience.

You discover a book, or a cartoon, or a TV show, a movie, or something on the radio, like a band or interesting program. This thing, whatever it is, isĀ awesome. It’s inspiring, or the funniest thing ever, or so beautiful it makes you cry. The characters/writing/colors/rhythm just grip you, and you have to share it with everyone you know.

And then… nobody gets it but you.

Grumpy Cat Hates You

Here’s what I want you understand: this thing that nobody got but you was totally worth creating.

The fact that YOU enjoyed that thing means it was worth creating in the first place.

We Create For Those Who Enjoy It

Those who really love what they create, who view creation as a calling and not just a career, have this goal: we want to create something you enjoy as much as we have enjoyed things created by others.

The very best experience is a reader who “gets” what they wrote, and enjoyed it like the authors enjoy their favorite books. Musicians hope the songs they write take over other people’s hearts and brains the same way.
Artists want you to look at their creations and “get” them, be moved, feel.

From Me to You

Every time some reader lets me know they “get” Harry (or understand what was happening with the Sundered Ones, or grasp what I was trying to say in setting up my fictional world) makes all the effort worth it.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

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