Circles: Patterns in Which I Run

Just got back from grandma’s, but I’ll be returning in a few days to move her from her country place to her city place, which promises to be an interesting exercise in patience and creativity. Mom, dad, brother, aunt, husband and I will be taking turns trying to make sure she’s never alone.

Also, my husband’s going to have to have knee surgery. Yipe. Right, on to less worrisome things.

I really love this article:

To sustain a state of high tension and desperation–you know, the kind the whole submission process usually creates–is not only physically exhausting, it’s creatively exhausting. It also makes us less likely to make wise decisions when we’re presented with opportunities. Paychecks aside–and let’s face it, even the best-paid among us would-be publishing/published peeps don’t make THAT much money–I think we survive by letting go of a fear of failure. Our desperation makes us lose sight of what we got into this for–in many cases, to write. Writing is the joy, and if you are joyful you have not failed. We should be happy when good things come about, but not live in fear that they won’t.

Oh, yeah. That’s good stuff.

Other things of interest: Nine Ways to Strengthen the beginning of your story, which I found very encouraging.  Also encouraging, but in a different way: a 360 degree panoramic view of Mt. Everest.  Stunning.

Here’s another terrific article on staying motivated after rejection. Remember that excellent statement: if anyone can talk you out of being a writer, then you’re not a writer. Of course, part of staying motivated is learning to be a great local author (which link involves things you should and should not do to keep your local bookstores as your friends.)

I love, love, love this post: when it’s important to write. Boy, is that the truth.

And, in no particular order: what Disney taught us about writing; a set of questions to ask an agent who’s interested in your work; some of the biggest misunderstandings about the publishing industry; and lessons on self-promotion from an author who did it right.

Lastly, I’ve done a brave thing and posted the first chapter for each book currently in the oven. Feel free to take a look, should the mood strike.

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