Little is known about this being who claimed to be a god. When he died, his blood formed the invisible threads that created the tapestry of time.


Death’s little sister, she is one of the ancient race of beings known as gods.


Fairies live in all inhabited worlds, fit into all Seven Peoples, and usually – though not always – look like tiny humans with wings.


Hades is one of the ancient, strange beings known as gods.

His father, Cronus ate him, for reasons unknown; his sister Dis defeated Cronus and freed him, but he wasn’t right when he came out.

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A predator from Umbra. They rarely leave their home, and not much is known about them beyond this: they hide in shadows, and their “hands” are blades, which they use to slice the legs of their prey.

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The tiniest of the fairies, their language is completely impossible for anyone but sprites to understand. They understand other languages, however, making it possible to hire them them via sprite-translators.

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The wind is very much alive. Is it the soul of a planet? The collected consciousness of its occupants? Difficult to say, but it seems to consider Notte a friend and sometimes speaks to members of his family.

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