Black Water

The mysterious and deadly water that covered the world at the same time the Sundered Ones appeared, four hundred years before Harry Iskinder came onto the scene.


Once a doomed prophetess from ancient Greece cursed to always be correct but disbelieved, her soul is now caught and held in a clam’s half-shell called an Echostone.


Metal made from the world of Umbra. It has the strange properly of absolutely no reflection of light.

Dream Leaves

A hallucinogenic plant custom-designed in the world of The Sundered and supposedly designed for stress-relief, unfortunately addictive.


The only metal minable in the world of The Sundered. Strong enough to build with, yet malleable enough to shape however needed, it is the primary building material in a world robbed of trees and other elements by the black water.

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Nightwheat is a grain grown by the Fey. It’s light gray in color, shaped like flowering amaranth. It’s good for flour, dyes, alcohol, and – once processed – certain incendiary powders.

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Plague Blossom

Plague blossom (also called num’chadran and failure flowers) is an engineered plant designed by Kanon the Raven King, Kalarastri, Mab, and Faelan to try to combat the fallout from the First War, which poisoned the soil and water and air badly enough that almost all plants and crops in affected areas died.

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A special breed of peach which, sadly, no longer exists. It was one of Notte’s favorites – not too sweet, but very juicy, and its red flesh and juice tended to make the one who bit into it look like they were drinking blood.

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Wall of Time

A construct created from the bodies, blood, and bones of the Saqalu after the First War. It holds back a siphoned back of raw time, called chronos, and without that wall, there might not be any more reality at all.

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