Black Water

The mysterious and deadly water that covered the world at the same time the Sundered Ones appeared, four hundred years before Harry Iskinder came onto the scene.


Once a doomed prophetess from ancient Greece cursed to always be correct but disbelieved, her soul is now caught and held in a clam’s half-shell called an Echostone.


Metal made from the world of Umbra. It has the strange properly of absolutely no reflection of light.

Dream Leaves

A hallucinogenic plant custom-designed in the world of The Sundered and supposedly designed for stress-relief, unfortunately addictive.

Hope of Humanity

A mysterious device in the world of the Sundered which can, according to legend, return the Earth to its pre-flood state, removing the Black Water.  No one has been able to find it for centuries.


The only metal minable in the world of The Sundered.


Nightwheat is a grain grown by the Fey.

Plague Blossom

Plague blossom (also called num’chadran and failure flowers) is an engineered plant designed to combat poisonous fallout from the First War.

Sair Fruit

A special breed of peach which, sadly, no longer exists.

Silver Seal

The Silver Seal is a badge of office worn only by the vice-regent of the Seelie Fey.


“Testy” is the Sundered name for a human attempt to weaponize the deadly water in the world of The Sundered.


Tufts are small, fist-wise fingers of earth sticking up from through the black water covering the world in The Sundered.

Wall of Time

A construct created from the bodies, blood, and bones of the Saqalu after the First War.

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