The Sun


Shah Achaemenid is ruler of the magical Persian empire. Considered one of the People of the Sun because he can heal by touch.


A prince of the People of the Sun, Amun is the great grandson of Notte’s oldest friend, Imn.


Centaurs are a race of horse-humanoid beings with a special affinity for chemistry.


A curse-eater, originally a troll, who for some insane reason likes to look like a Hollywood-movie mafioso.


An interesting and blue-furred hybrid of troll and human from long, long ago. Most of them are female; the very rare males get fairly cushy lives, if you consider “repopulation” to be an easy job.

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An exclusively female species, and actually members of the Sun – though you wouldn’t want them healing you. Their method of healing essentially involves the wounded one never feeling anything again, which doesn’t necessarily mean turning to literal stone.

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Also known as miengu, these are water creatures who first made their appearance in Cameroon. Vaguely humanoid, mermaid-ish, they usually wear their hair long  with long hair and gap-toothed smiled.

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Slivers are the result of a failed attempt to kill a member of the Sun. When they have been damaged to the point of physical dismemberment, each piece takes on a demented consciousness.

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A type of fairy classified as a member of the Sun due to their ability to “Heal” mood. They appear as dancing sparkles on water in bright sunlight, and have the ability to make portals.

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Also known as Vesuvius, also known as the Starling Child, Suvi is the baby dragon prophesied ages ago to reunite the warring Black and Red dragons.

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The Life

People of the Sun, notable for their physique (buffalo-headed and human-bodied, though no human bodies are generally that in-shape or covered in such a tough, hide-like skin) and their peaceful culture.

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