Shah Achaemenid is ruler of the magical Persian empire. Considered one of the People of the Sun because he can heal by touch.


The grandchild of Kanon the Raven King, Ahmose was a friend and companion of Notte in ancient Kemet.


A prince of the People of the Sun, Amun is the great grandson of Notte’s oldest friend, Imn.


A general of the Sun during the First War, responsible for nearly getting Imn killed.


Centaurs are a race of horse-humanoid beings with a special affinity for chemistry.


A curse-eater, originally a troll, who for some insane reason likes to look like a Hollywood-movie mafioso.


An interesting and blue-furred hybrid of troll and human from long, long ago. Most of them are female; the very rare males get fairly cushy lives, if you consider “repopulation” to be an easy job.


An exclusively female species, and members of the Sun – though you wouldn’t want them healing you.


The first true king of the People of the Sun, uniting them under a banner of war and conquest.


A disenfranchised prince of the People of the Sun, Imn was Notte’s first real friend and the great-great-grandfather of Amun.


Mermaid-like, they can communicate with the People of the Dream, and also cure many diseases (which places them in the People of the Sun).


Bird-like beings who reproduce from the ashes of their parents.


Half rusalka, half the breath, officially of the Sun.


The legendary dragon queen with the ability to see the future, who – according to legend – produced both the Red and the Black dragon clans.


Slivers are the result of a failed attempt to kill a member of the Sun.


A type of fairy classified as a member of the Sun due to their ability to “Heal” mood.

Suvi by Sixelona


Also known as Vesuvius, also known as the Starling Child, Suvi is the baby dragon prophesied ages ago to reunite the warring Black and Red dragons.


A Sylph and member of the Dream who lives on Zenith because of her gift with soul moorings.

The Life

A clan among the Minotaur with a focus on healing and renewing the Earth.


The source of “dwarf” rumors – but only because of young trolls, who tended to run out of the mountain mines to have fun in the daylight.