The Stolen


“Ancestor spirits” in the Philippines – in reality, members of the Kin who remained there through all upheavals to watch over their descendants.


Resembling a human female with brown or dark blue skin and long, glossy hair, Ciguapa are a semi-aquatic and female-only species. Their knees bend backwards, and their feet resemble curved hands.


A stone-like being notable for being roughly the same colors as the materials they dig through – dark soils, granite, etc.


Beings from Scandinavia who tend to use physical intimacy and desire to refill their stolen magic. Claimed by the Throne, they are – unwillingly – considered Unseelie Fey.


A pale, insular breed of magical humanoid, suffering from an inherited lack of pigment. Related (distantly) to the Dökkálfar.


Empress Mer’Qel is a warrior mermaid who single-handedly united the clans of warring mer-people in the Pacific. She earned that right by defeating all their leaders in one seventy-eight hour stretch of combat, at the end of which she then celebrated loudly at a banquet, knocked out six assassins sent by her sister to take her out, and proceeded to dance four more hours until she finally needed sleep.

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Water nymphs who feed on negative emotions. Some people think of them as Mermaids.

They look a little more like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but who are we to argue?

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Iranian Zār—Fey—ruled part of Persia called Anshan. Since the Throne and the Scepter rule by siphoning all Fey magic away at birth, the Zār chose to refill their wells with music, making such amazing sounds that humans died dancing to it while the Zār absorbed all the energy and emotion from the whole experience.

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