Adolf Whitwhisker

A member of the Kin who successfully made a career in criminal justice in the human world.

Ahaana Aishwarya

One of Dr. Ranier Blood’s patients, Ahaana has the fortune to be part dragon – and a very powerful Kin-dragon mix at that.


An impossibility. Half-Broken, half-Ever-Dying, it seems he was conceived in a dream.


A secretary and transcriptionist for the Hush, Alma is a half-troll, half-something-else, and She. Knows. Everything.


Apple is Kin. Influential in Notte’s life and one of Horse’s rescues, she helped teach Notte during his time in the city of Az’Kabek.


Inka is Kin, a deeply rare Dream-Fey crossover. He functions as a World-Walker for Horse in the city of Az’Kabek.

Katie Lin

Born Katherine Aelwen Lin. For the record, she rarely allows “Kate.”


Myrddin. Katie Lin’s uncle, and one of the most important members of the People of the Kin.

Ranier Blood

Dr. Ranier Blood is Kin, and one of the only psychologists to successfully straddle the worlds of the Ever-Dying and the Mythos.

Salis Kamialfaod

Salis Kamialfaod is a half-troll member of The Hush, and a decent fellow, in spite of his occupation.


Six is Kin, a deeply rare Fey-Darkness crossover, and a trained assassin.