The Guardians


Adam is a Guardian – specifically, of the Broken. He’s quite mad, but all the Broken are.


See the Saqalu and the Broken.


What remains of the Saqalu.

They still wield the awesome power they always did, but they are no longer… stable.


One of the sub-races of the Guardians, Djinn are a race of fire beings, using flame and heat to fly, to fight, and to protect.


Haneul is part Haetae – an extinct people who were shape-shifting lions – and part Fey, and currently rules the magical domain of North and South Korea.

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Kelpies have a bad rap, but it’s easy to understand why: the ones left behind tell the tales.

According to myth, kelpies are demons that take on the form of horses, which then lure unwary travelers onto their back, gallop with them into a body of water, and then eat them.

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Among the People of the Guardians, they come with a fearsome appearance. A wild mane covers their bodies, and they often appear as hairy, hunched, four-legged beasts with claws and tusks.

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Guardians, closely related to Gryphons. However, they seem to be in some sort of feud; neither will speak to the other, making for all kinds of (uncomfortable) fun at parties.

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Shape-shifting members of the Guardians, these peaceful creatures originated in the British Isles, and transform from wolf to man, and spend most of their time fishing and hunting game to eat.

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