Aadhvitha Jahns

A human (Ever-Dying), Jahns is captain of a ship deep in space and a rare survivor of Earth-wide cataclysm.

Barton Smith

Barton Smith was the director of the West Branch of the Association before Charles Iskinder. He spent years studying the twins, Elsa and Kai, and his interactions with them changed him for the better.


In the world of The Sundered, Demos and his brother Tomas are scavengers.

Harry Iskinder

Harry Iskinder is the main character in the book, The Sundered. He’s nineteen years old and not very tall, to his great lament. 

Jack Iskinder

Harry’s grandfather. He achieved a good amount of fame in his time, and had a leg made of malleum thanks to an encounter with a Predator.

Jacob Engel

In a fight with cancer, Jacob traded his four-year-old son to Death for extra years.

James Marks

The first officer of the HOPE OF HUMANITY II, Marks is a space history buff who barely earned his spot in the HOPE OF HUMANITY fleet.


One of Harry’s Travelers, Jax never believed in the Hope of Humanity.


Kaia is a rarity: a female Traveler.


A man Harry runs into while working manual labor in Cape Horn, Park is trying to win a bet by claiming or buying or otherwise acquiring the “unclaimable” Sundered One, Gorish.


Artemus Parnum is Harry Iskinder’s mentor. He’s brilliant, and deeply determined that mankind survives whatever comes next.


A rarity: there are not many female Travelers, and those who pull it off have to be twice as tough as the males.


Jax’s best friend, One of Harry’s Travelers, Sheldon actually joined the Travelers right before Harry took over that group.

Solomon Iskinder

Jason Iskinder’s father, George was a member of the Association who got an up-close-and-personal taste of Notte thanks to two of the Night-Children, Elsa and Kai.


A professor at the Academy in Danton in the world of the Sundered, he’s unhappy to be where he is in life, envious of Parnum, resentful of Iskinders in general, and far too curious about Sundered One reproductive habits to be healthy.

Thomas Blue

Blue has seen a lot, and before much of the Mythos even came to light, knew more about the Seven Peoples than even some of the Peoples themselves.


The youngest of Harry Iskinder’s Travelers, Toddy is eager and just young enough to feel invincible, even on the black water.