The Darkness


One of Notte’s currently living eight “first-born” children – that is, a vampire he made himself. She was made approximately 200 BC.


A Night Child, fifth-generation from Notte. She is of the now-extinct Thamud, a pre-Islamic people from ancient Saudi Arabia.


His official titles are Prince of Umbra, Lord of Crows, Echelon of Darkness, and Heir to the Darkseed, and he likes to pretend to be a Hollywood-handsome-rogue-pirate.


The royal line of the Shadow’s Breath, the ruling family of the People of the Darkness.

Devon Deveraux

A Night Child, an eighth generation descendant from Notte.


One of the Night Children, made sometime in the She won’t say what her original name was, but it sure as heck wasn’t Elsa.

First Child

The first Night Child Notte ever created and his greatest love.


One of the Night Children, made sometime in the He won’t say what his original name was, but it sure as heck wasn’t Kai.


The Raven King’s real name. Bran’s grandfather, he’s an incredibly dangerous creature, and one of the few old enough to know Notte from Notte’s infancy.

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Kokou is a powerful shape-shifter from southern Africa. Leopard-skinned, he’s wise for his youth, and has inherited the task of watching over those who live off the land south of the equator.

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Serpent-like beings, members of the People of the Darkness. They’re usually half humanoid in appearance, but this varies; the term applies to a number of beings sharing reptilian and aquatic traits.

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Name meaning: Night (Italian – he picked that one)

Other names: Naktam; Night-child; Nox Aeterna; the Blood King; Lord of the Night Whispers; and of course, just Night.

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