Among the Mythos

AMONG THE MYTHOS is a science-fantasy series starring runaway Fey princes, alien Earths, parallel worlds, ancient warriors, and know-it-all brats.


The royal line of the Shadow’s Breath, the ruling family of the People of the Darkness.


The common term used for a female presenting member of the Fey.


The common term used for a male presenting member of the Fey.


The term used for any vampires Notte created himself.


Landfall is what humans call surviving land sticking out of the black water that isn’t quite large enough to build on, but isn’t small enough to be considered a tuft.

Silver Seal

The Silver Seal is a badge of office worn only by the vice-regent of the Seelie Fey. It’s used to seal documents, and its bearer has the authority to step over laws and pesky things like red tape.

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One who is in the process of application to become a Night Child in Notte’s family. Only humans can be turned into vampires, and the human has to pass a series of tests and take a number of classes both before and after turning.

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