Among the Mythos

AMONG THE MYTHOS is a science-fantasy series starring runaway Fey princes, alien Earths, parallel worlds, ancient warriors, and know-it-all brats.


The date when Earth reached one hundred percent uninhabitable status for carbon-based life.


The royal line of the Shadow’s Breath, the ruling family of the People of the Darkness.


The common term used for a female presenting member of the Fey.


The common term used for a male presenting member of the Fey.


The term used for any vampires Notte created himself.


Those Ever-Dying who remained behind and suffered through the end of the world.


A derogatory term for the People of the Sun. (You might not want to use it.)


A human being in the business arrangement of willingly supplying blood to a vampire under Notte.


They’ve had many titles and roles through all of history, in every culture and time: those who are there when we die, to escort our soul to whatever comes next.


The term used by the Association for humans – Ever-Dying – with no trace of magic in their blood.


Those Ever-Dying who were offered rescue before the Cataclysm wiped out all life on Earth.


The Serpentine is an elected position, currently occupied by a Naga who goes by Lilith.

Slip the Leash

The term for a Sundered One escaping claiming beyond the initial moment of the claim.

The Beast

The hunger experienced by all Night-Children, or vampires.


One who is in the process of application to become a Night-Child in Notteā€™s family.


When a member of the Dream leaves the waking world behind and slips somewhere between reality and the void