Aadhvitha Jahns

A human (Ever-Dying), Jahns is captain of a ship deep in space and a rare survivor of Earth-wide cataclysm.


Disturbingly intelligent, Aakesh both frightens and excites Harry, who will do anything to keep Aakesh claimed.

Adolf Whitwhisker

A member of the Kin who successfully made a career in criminal justice in the human world.

Ahaana Aishwarya

One of Dr. Ranier Blood’s patients, Ahaana has the fortune to be part dragon – and a very powerful Kin-dragon mix at that.


Heir apparent to the Scepter and Jaden’s nephew, Aiden is a special ball of sunshine.


A secretary and transcriptionist for the Hush, Alma is a half-troll, half-something-else, and She. Knows. Everything.

Barton Smith

Barton Smith was the director of the West Branch of the Association before Charles Iskinder. He spent years studying the twins, Elsa and Kai, and his interactions with them changed him for the better.


A Night-Child, made by Terrance.


Elijah Tuttle exists in an uneasy place: the creation of a Night-Child from an actual child is utterly forbidden, but here he is

Justin Aishwarya

Justin Aishwarya (bachelor name Kai) is husband to Ahaana, grandson of Xu Kai, and father to a very new baby girl.


One of Notte’s currently living nine “first-born” children – that is, a vampire he made himself. He was made approximately 1000 AD.

Solomon Iskinder

Jason Iskinder’s father, George was a member of the Association who got an up-close-and-personal taste of Notte thanks to two of the Night-Children, Elsa and Kai.