Slivers are the result of a failed attempt to kill a member of the Sun.

Solomon Iskinder

Jason Iskinder’s father, George was a member of the Association who got an up-close-and-personal taste of Notte thanks to two of the Night-Children, Elsa and Kai.


Guardians – currently in a feud with Gryphons for reasons no one besides them know.


A professor at the Academy in Danton in the world of the Sundered, he’s unhappy to be where he is in life, envious of Parnum, resentful of Iskinders in general, and far too curious about Sundered One reproductive habits to be healthy.


Steven Moncrieff is a Wulver, a rare breed of near-extinct shape-shifter.


A type of fairy classified as a member of the Sun due to their ability to “Heal” mood.

Suvi by Sixelona


Also known as Vesuvius, also known as the Starling Child, Suvi is the baby dragon prophesied ages ago to reunite the warring Black and Red dragons.


Beautiful, ram-horned, and gentle-natured members of the Dream who feed off sleeping humans.


A Sylph and member of the Dream who lives on Zenith because of her gift with soul moorings.


One of Notte’s currently living nine “first-born” children – that is, a vampire he made himself. He was made approximately 1000 BC.


One of Notte’s “first-born,” Terrance is Notte’s assassin.

The Life

A clan among the Minotaur with a focus on healing and renewing the Earth.

Thomas Blue

Blue has seen a lot, and before much of the Mythos even came to light, knew more about the Seven Peoples than even some of the Peoples themselves.


The youngest of Harry Iskinder’s Travelers, Toddy is eager and just young enough to feel invincible, even on the black water.


In the world of the Sundered, Tomas is Demos’ younger brother.


A younger member of the Saqalu and Notte’s close friend during the latter’s adolescence.


The source of “dwarf” rumors – but only because of young trolls, who tended to run out of the mountain mines to have fun in the daylight.


Ten feet tall and with glowing eyes, the Urayuli are a shaggy-skinned people currently live in southwestern Alaska.