Barton Smith

Barton Smith was the director of the West Branch of the Association before Charles Iskinder. He spent years studying the twins, Elsa and Kai, and his interactions with them changed him for the better.


His official titles are Prince of Umbra, Lord of Crows, Echelon of Darkness, and Heir to the Darkseed, and he likes to pretend to be a Hollywood-handsome-rogue-pirate.


What remains of the Saqalu.

They still wield the awesome power they always did, but they are no longer… stable.


Centaurs are a race of horse-humanoid beings with a special affinity for chemistry.


Resembling a human female with brown or dark blue skin and long, glossy hair, Ciguapa are a semi-aquatic and female-only species. Their knees bend backwards, and their feet resemble curved hands.


Fairies who have chosen to live in cities built by the larger beings of the Mythos, working jobs and having their own keys and credit cards and friends.


“Cloaking” is what Notte calls the ability to hide one’s seductive powers as a Night Child.


A Night-Child, made by Terrance.


The royal line of the Shadow’s Breath, the ruling family of the People of the Darkness.


In the world of The Sundered, Demos and his brother Tomas are scavengers.

Devon Deveraux

A Night-Child, an eighth generation descendant from Notte.


Death’s little sister, she is one of the ancient race of beings known as gods.


Guardians, Djinn are a race of fire beings, using flame and heat to fly, to fight, and to protect.


A stone-like being notable for being roughly the same colors as the materials they dig through – dark soils, granite, etc.


Dolan was Fey, and Mab’s one-time partner in the creation of the Salted Road. He was the first to craft the Scepter, and the first leader of what became the Seelie Fey.


Some of the most dangerous beings among the Mythos, and not just because of physical size and strength.


Deeply unpleasant. A predator from the People of the Dream.


A member of The Dream, these beautiful creatures resemble trees.


Elijah Tuttle exists in an uneasy place: the creation of a Night-Child from an actual child is utterly forbidden, but here he is