A strange cult built on the concept that eating artefacts of power extends lives, grants power, and gives wisdom.

Dye Corp

A subsidiary of the Association, which is a creation of the Tohu. In other words, not what it seems.


Soothsayers are an odd religious sect in the world of The Sundered. Entirely female, this particular branch of believers decided a few generations past that the Sundered Ones should be worshiped like enslaved gods, rather than simply enslaved.

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The Academy

Institutions of education, they’re private schools for Sundered-handling. Harry is a perfect product of one: he learned how to handle himself on the black water, how to claim and keep Sundered Ones, and how to handle finances across the various cities.

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It’s taken various forms over the years. The name means “void,” which implies their purpose: that until silence and emptiness is reached, the world will never know peace.

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Wild Hunt

A contingent of rebellious young “gods” who were disenfranchised after the general cultural fall of the Norse Mythos empire. Somewhere along the line, they became less about “go out and have fun” and more about “kill what you find, especially if it’s a challenge.”

They’re deeply feared, and fortunately, usually run in worlds other than Earth.

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