A strange cultist focused on the weird idea that eating artefacts of power extends life, grants power, and gives wisdom.

Dye Corp

A subsidiary of the Association, which is a creation of the Tohu. In other words, not what it seems.


The Hush is essentially international magical police – and they’re fairly scary.


Soothsayers are an odd religious sect in the world of The Sundered.

The Academy

Institutions of education, they’re private schools for Sundered-handling.

The Association

The modern, PR-friendly name for The Tohu – not that those folks have any idea their organization had its beginning in anything other than the human mind.

The Cluster

The elite military leadership of the Seelie Fey in the Silver Dawning.


The name means “void,” which implies their purpose: that until silence and emptiness is reached, the world will never know peace.


Treasure hunters in the world of The Sundered who make their living scavenging goods from the world ruined by the black water.

Asgårdsreien [The Wild Hunt of Odin] (1872) by Peter Nicolai Arbo

Wild Hunt

A contingent of rebellious young “gods” who were disenfranchised after the general cultural fall of the Norse Mythos empire.