A borrowed Welsh term used for a Kin spell meaning “trade” or “substitution,”


The observable energy given off when magic-users use their power. More on this under the Magic entry.


The circle of protection created by the wings of the Broken.


The blood of Cronus, pure, raw, and unfiltered time.


Claiming is the act of taking telepathic control of a Sundered One.


A flame that burns with heat, but no light.


To Devour is to utterly, magically consume.


The light cast by a handful of world-ending spells.


The Exchange is the common term Fey use for their desperate trade-off: they supply entertainment, strength, or some other service, and are given emotional or directly magical payment from their audience or employer.


The invisible threads which bind a soul to a body. When all the moorings break, one dies; if moorings are reattached to some other object or person, possession occurs.

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A powerful and rare magic, rifts are the openings – seemingly torn right into the air – that allow the magic user to step from one location to another at some distance.

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Part of the electromagnetic spectrum only extant in Umbra and some of Umbra’s pocket dimensions. It absorbs all “light” (using the term loosely), leaving anyone who relies on light to see in complete darkness, regardless of tools, bulbs, or flame.

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A skill nearly lost, world-walking belongs to those who can simply walk from parallel world to parallel world. Sometimes the Broken are born with this ability; some of the Dream have it, too, and a few members of the Kin.

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