Among the Mythos

AMONG THE MYTHOS is a science-fantasy series starring runaway Fey princes, alien Earths, parallel worlds, ancient warriors, and know-it-all brats.

Great Wheel

The Great Wheel the conventionally accepted method of organization for all magical and non-magical sentient inhabitants of planet Earth.

On the Wheel, the symbology for the Seven Peoples has been roughly codified into seven distinct symbols.

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Humans can be very slow at ‘getting’ things, but perhaps that only makes sense. After all, they alone among the sentient races do not have the ability to use magic.

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Seven Peoples

The Seven Peoples of the Earth are the seven identifying types applied to every sentient creature in the world.

The Seven Peoples of the World divided themselves in this manner (or were divided) somewhere around the First War, which covered the whole planet.

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Speculative Fiction

Speculative fiction is a broad genre of fiction with any supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements. Coined by Robert Heinlen, it’s considered an off-shoot of science-fiction, often applied to avoid the limitations of traditional “realistic” sci-fi.

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The Stolen are those among the Mythos whose magic has been diverted by the Throne or the Scepter. This includes such people groups as the Ciguapa, who have absolutely nothing to do with Seelie or Unseelie Fey, and yet are claimed by the Unseelie Throne.

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The Guardians

Guardians are any magical beings with the primary drive to protect or guard. Unfortunately, they’re all a little crazy.

An example are selkies, which once rescued endangered children, and now “rescue” them by eating them to stop their suffering.

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