The Alternate Life Improvable Cerebral Encoder is an advanced AI designed to solve problems.


A creature cobbled together from dead bodies and designed to carry plague.


The Cherufe is a magma and rock being, similar to a Golem in that its consciousness is lent to it from its maker, and when its body is destroyed, it ceases to exist entirely.


A stuffed raven, Crenshaw is the last “surviving” bird in Bran’s avian taxidermy collection.


There are only six left, and Bran – a legendary collector – has two of them. One is Cassandra, the doomed prophetess from ancient Greece.


The Golem is a constructed creature, made of mud, and its consciousness is lent to it by its maker.


HYPOTHETICAL ENCEPHALON REGULATOR is a limited AI designed to monitor the life support systems of the HOPE FOR HUMANITY’s second ship, captained by Aadhvitha Jahns.

Lisa Anne McGovern

An AI designed around the complete neural replication of a seven-year-old girl, Lisa is designed to handle complicated problem-solving by doing something neither Alice nor H.E.R. could: think illogically and outside the box.