Book: The Sundered


A man Harry runs into while working manual labor in Cape Horn, Park is trying to win a bet by claiming or buying or otherwise acquiring the “unclaimable” Sundered One, Gorish.


Artemus Parnum is Harry Iskinder’s mentor. He’s brilliant, and deeply determined that mankind survives whatever comes next.


Quimby is a small Sundered One, a low tier. She’s waist-height and star-shaped, with a point for the head, points for arms and legs, and no hands or feet


A rarity: there are not many female Travelers, and those who pull it off have to be twice as tough as the males.


Large predators in the Deep Water with ridged backs, long necks, and impenetrable armor.


One of the cities in The Sundered, very remote from the rest of the world.


Jax’s best friend, One of Harry’s Travelers, Sheldon actually joined the Travelers right before Harry took over that group.

Snow City

Snow cities are cities in the far north in the world of The Sundered, which basically just means they’re in a cold climate and deal with snow and ice


Soothsayers are an odd religious sect in the world of The Sundered.

Southern City

Five cities in the world of The Sundered, called Cape Horn, Cape Hope, Cape Heart, Cape Hand, and Cape Harm.


A professor at the Academy in Danton in the world of the Sundered, he’s unhappy to be where he is in life, envious of Parnum, resentful of Iskinders in general, and far too curious about Sundered One reproductive habits to be healthy.

Sundered Market

A slavery marketplace in the world of the Sundered for people on a budget – and a streak of sadism.


One of the cities in the world of The Sundered, far north, and thus a Snow City.


Tenisia is a mid-world city in The Sundered.


“Testy” is the Sundered name for a human attempt to weaponize the deadly water in the world of The Sundered.

The Academy

Institutions of education, they’re private schools for Sundered-handling.


The youngest of Harry Iskinder’s Travelers, Toddy is eager and just young enough to feel invincible, even on the black water.


Treasure hunters in the world of The Sundered who make their living scavenging goods from the world ruined by the black water.

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