Disturbingly intelligent, Aakesh both frightens and excites Harry, who will do anything to keep Aakesh claimed.


A Sundered One who resembles a lizard-man and has a major hate-on for Harry Iskinder.


A city in the world of The Sundered known for violence and aggression

Black Water

The mysterious and deadly water that covered the world at the same time the Sundered Ones appeared, four hundred years before Harry Iskinder came onto the scene.

Cape Cities

Five southern-most cities in the world of the Sundered, the island-cities curve like a row of dirty pearls on the edge of deep water.


Claiming is the act of taking telepathic control of a Sundered One.


One of the cities in the world of The Sundered, Danton wasn’t doing so well by the time Harry came to visit it.

Deep Water

The deepest oceans in the world of the Sundered – deep enough to allow strange, giant predators that arrived at the same time as Sundered Ones.


In the world of The Sundered, Demos and his brother Tomas are scavengers.

Dream Leaves

A hallucinogenic plant custom-designed in the world of The Sundered and supposedly designed for stress-relief, unfortunately addictive.

Gorish by Sixelona


Gorish is a Sundered One, and one of the primary characters of The Sundered.

Harry Iskinder

Harry Iskinder is the main character in the book, The Sundered. He’s nineteen years old and not very tall, to his great lament. 

Hope of Humanity

A mysterious device in the world of the Sundered which can, according to legend, return the Earth to its pre-flood state, removing the Black Water.  No one has been able to find it for centuries.


One of Harry’s Travelers, Jax never believed in the Hope of Humanity.


Kaia is a rarity: a female Traveler.


Predators that live in Deep Water and like to pull boats of any size into the water with enormous tentacles.


Landfall is what humans call surviving land sticking out of the black water that isn’t quite large enough to build on, but isn’t small enough to be considered a tuft.


The only metal minable in the world of The Sundered.


Enormous monsters in the Deep Water known for swallowing small boats whole.