Book: A Necessary End


Adam is a Guardian – specifically, of the Broken. He’s quite mad, but all the Broken are.


An impossibility. Half-Broken, half-Ever-Dying, it seems he was conceived in a dream.


See the Saqalu and the Broken.


What remains of the Saqalu.

They still wield the awesome power they always did, but they are no longer… stable.


The circle of protection created by the wings of the Broken.


The blood of Cronus, pure, raw, and unfiltered time.


Death’s little sister, she is one of the ancient race of beings known as gods.


Some of the most dangerous beings among the Mythos, and not just because of physical size and strength.


His father, Cronus ate him, for reasons unknown; his sister Dis defeated Cronus and freed him, but he wasn’t right when he came out.

Jacob Engel

In a fight with cancer, Jacob traded his four-year-old son to Death for extra years.


He’s one of the oldest living beings among the Mythos. The father of all vampires (or Night-Children, as they’re called), he’s a mystery; no one knows where the heck he came from, or who made him.


The village Hades created for those souls too damaged to move on to the afterlife, but whole enough to inhabit some form of existence.


The Saqalu were once among the noblest beings in our world. Now, they are the Broken.

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