Barton Smith

Barton Smith was the director of the West Branch of the Association before Charles Iskinder. He spent years studying the twins, Elsa and Kai, and his interactions with them changed him for the better.

When he retired, he stepped out of politics, out of science, and out of the Association’s way – as much as he could, anyway, without being arrested.

When the Fey opened the doors for humans to come to the Silver Dawning and leave the dying Earth behind, he was one of the first aboard. He had them remove his implanted chips and traceable nano-ink tattoos, and privately, he became an enemy of the Association under the radar.

Publicly, he became the best farmer of Silver cabbages in the eastern quadrant. He lived to a ripe old age of 110, and enjoyed a friendship with members of all Seven Peoples for the rest of his days.