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Jahns is a rare survivor of Earth-wide Cataclysm.

She’s a deeply intelligent and intuitive person; when the Cataclysm came, she was on the short-list for potential survivors due to her skills and her blood. Aadhvitha is one of the few humans considered genetically Pure by the Association in terms of her genetics.

Aadhvitha herself didn’t put much stock in the Association’s views about pure humanity, but she knew their job offer for what it was: a chance to survive the end of Earth. There was, after all, no real reason left for her to stay; her last family member – her mother – died telling her to take the job, to survive, and so Aadhvitha agreed.

She’s captain of one of three ships of “pure” human survivors, and never took personally that Jason Iskinder considered her and her crew sort of a backup to ensure human survival. After all, she didn’t like him much, anyway.

Aadhvitha and all the members of her ship disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the short story, Protocol. Time will tell if her choices were good or bad.