“Ancestor spirits” in the Philippines – in reality, members of the Kin who remained there through all upheavals to watch over their descendants.


The blood of Cronus, pure, raw, and unfiltered time.


Metal made from the world of Umbra. It has the strange properly of absolutely no reflection of light.

Dream Leaves

A hallucinogenic plant custom-designed in the world of The Sundered and supposedly designed for stress-relief, unfortunately addictive.


There are only six left, and Bran – a legendary collector – has two of them. One is Cassandra, the doomed prophetess from ancient Greece.

Hope of Humanity

A mysterious device in the world of the Sundered which can, according to legend, return the Earth to its pre-flood state, removing the Black Water.  No one has been able to find it for centuries.


The only metal minable in the world of The Sundered.

Night Sky

A meteor with suspicious and possibly sentient abilities.

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