Ascendance to Peak

The official ceremony crowning a dragon as chief leader, or leader-to-be in the case of age of minority. Currently, this ceremony has been held for Suvi.


See the Saqalu and the Broken.


What remains of the Saqalu.

They still wield the awesome power they always did, but they are no longer… stable.


The royal line of the Shadow’s Breath, the ruling family of the People of the Darkness.


The Exchange is the common term Fey use for their desperate trade-off: they supply entertainment, strength, or some other service, and are given emotional or directly magical payment from their audience or employer.


The common term used for a female presenting member of the Fey.


The common term used for a male presenting member of the Fey.


The term used for any vampires Notte created himself.

Great Wheel

The Great Wheel the conventionally accepted method of organization for all magical and non-magical sentient inhabitants of planet Earth.


The Hush is essentially international magical police – and they’re fairly scary.

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