Resembling a human female with brown or dark blue skin and long, glossy hair, Ciguapa are a semi-aquatic and female-only species. Their knees bend backwards, and their feet resemble curved hands.


A stone-like being notable for being roughly the same colors as the materials they dig through – dark soils, granite, etc.


Beings from Scandinavia who tend to use physical intimacy and desire to refill their stolen magic. Claimed by the Throne, they are – unwillingly – considered Unseelie Fey.


A pale, insular breed of magical humanoid, suffering from an inherited lack of pigment. Related (distantly) to the Dökkálfar.


Empress Mer’Qel is a warrior mermaid who single-handedly united the clans of warring mer-people in the Pacific.


Subterranean dwellers. They want to be left alone.

Root Whisperers

A species of Fey with a special relationship with plants.


Iranian Zār—Stolen Fey—ruled part of Persia called Anshan.

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