One of the most important cities of Notte’s youth and the last bastion of safety against the ravages of the First War.

Bardsey Island

Bardsey Island: Merlin’s home, location of his glass tower, and numerous shennanigans. Belongs, technically, to Wales.


A city in the world of The Sundered known for violence and aggression

Cape Cities

Five southern-most cities in the world of the Sundered, the island-cities curve like a row of dirty pearls on the edge of deep water.


A conflux is a magical travel station, where one may legally cross country and world borders with spells.


A moment in time in which the threads of time are so tangled that no one can see which way the result will go.


One of the cities in the world of The Sundered, Danton wasn’t doing so well by the time Harry came to visit it.

Deep Water

The deepest oceans in the world of the Sundered – deep enough to allow strange, giant predators that arrived at the same time as Sundered Ones.


The pocket-dimension shared by various dragon clans.


There are actually multiple “Earths.” Thanks to an accident of magic and quantum physics, the world was split into parallels millennia ago. There are five worlds total – the Ever-DyingThe Ever-Dying are humans, so-called because – from the viewpoint of magical beings – they’re dying from the moment they’re… More EarthThere are actually multiple “Earths.” …

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