Heir apparent to the Scepter and Jaden’s nephew, Aiden is a special ball of sunshine.


Resembling a human female with brown or dark blue skin and long, glossy hair, Ciguapa are a semi-aquatic and female-only species. Their knees bend backwards, and their feet resemble curved hands.


Donal was Fey, and Mab’s one-time partner in the creation of the Salted Road. He was the first to craft the Scepter, and the first leader of what became the Seelie Fey.


The capitol city of the Uneelie Fey, in their world of the Silver Dawning.


John Barron Grey, né  John Barron MacCarrig, son of Owen MacCarrig, son of Leith of the Stone, son of Eithne the Offspring of Stars, daughter of Mab: runaway Unseelie prince and heir to The Throne.


The current ruler of the Seelie Fey and wielder of the Scepter – which places him in control of far more than only the Seelie Fey.


The originator of the Unseelie Fey.


See Robin Goodfellow.


Lord Jaden’s majordomo and quite the fussiest Fey ever. But he rather does well his kimonos well.


A powerful and mischievous Fey, Robin is strange fellow who wanders in and out of history.

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