One of Notte’s currently living nine “first-born” children – that is, a vampire he made himself. She was made approximately 200 BC.


The grandchild of Kanon the Raven King, Ahmose was a friend and companion of Notte in ancient Kemet.


Sovereign Aloeric is a Nachtkrapp, or Night Raven, whose control over what might be considered Germanic territory is unshakeable.


His official titles are Prince of Umbra, Lord of Crows, Echelon of Darkness, and Heir to the Darkseed, and he likes to pretend to be a Hollywood-handsome-rogue-pirate.


A stuffed raven, Crenshaw is the last “surviving” bird in Bran’s avian taxidermy collection.

Crow King

See Bran.

Devon Deveraux

A Night-Child, an eighth generation descendant from Notte.


Some of the most dangerous beings among the Mythos, and not just because of physical size and strength.


One of the Night-Children, made sometime in the She won’t say what her original name was, but it sure as heck wasn’t Elsa.

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